We have expertise in every component of the awards process, from choosing the episode to the wrap-up after you (hopefully) win.  We offer support and assistance in:

  • Strategizing your campaign – we’ll help you select episodes and categories that will give you the best shot for receiving a nomination.
  • The handling of entries – we will do the legwork to submit your entries on time and mistake-free.
  •  Facilitating the membership process – in some competitions, membership has rewards.  We’ll facilitate that process and find any membership-based discounts for your entries.
  • For Your Consideration campaigning – we’ll suggest what type of campaign to run, what markets to target, and which programs to push.
  • Compiling nomination materials – in many competitions, a coveted nomination will bring about a host of additional requirements (DVDs, tapes, etc…).  We’ll coordinate what is due and help you get it in on time so as not to risk losing the nomination.
  • Handling RSVPs and tickets – if you’ve never attended a ticket lottery, you don’t know what a stressful experience it can be.  If requested, we’ll represent you in the lottery.  In addition, we’ll coordinate the dissemination and return of your nominee RSVPs, the purchase of any company orders, and the retrieval and distribution of tickets.
  • Attending the ceremony – We’ll provide a cheat sheet of suggestions for the day of the event (things to remember, hints to beat the traffic, etc…)  Also, we’ll make travel recommendations (places to stay, limo services, and suggestions on timing) if requested.
  • Wrapping the process up – if you end up winning an award, or even being nominated, there are a variety of wrap-up options in some competitions.  We can obtain nomination certificates and statues/awards (if you missed the event), citations for assistants, DVD copies of some awards shows, and more.

Anything else – if there’s something we don’t currently offer that you need, let us know.  We just may be able to remove that burden from you.